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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Yumi & Fumi!!!


Happy Happy Birthday and Congratulations to 
Yumi & Fumi 
Turing the big ONE!!! 

We are Celebrating by Hop hop Hopping!! 
I hope you are all enjoying?

Here in Hawaii when you turn one it is a BIG 
no sorry HUGE thing. 
Partys up to 400 sometimes!! 
So when you think of that number what do you think of 
Wow that is a lot of invitations, decorations, and Favors!! 
Well  that is where the Kokua (help) comes in 
and that is where your project needs to be simple 
(so there can be help) 

When Yumi & Fumi Relesed the 
Tiki Surf Set 
I fell in love with the Shaka with the words "Hang Loose"
then I thought of 
Oh my goodness 


that is where the Record comes in!! 
I simply welded two circles together to make the base of the card 
then cut a smaller circle with another centered it in. 
Stamped then took some Distress ink and watercolored the surfboards and 

To Go along with the theme I made some cupcake Toppers 
and Goodie Boxes!!

I hope you enjoyed my project
The hopping does not end here. 
Party on down to 
by the way she is amazing!! 
Don't forget to please leave a comment on EVERYONE in the Blog party because 
there is goodies for hoppers and Followers!! 

If you loose your way here is a list...
Yumi & Fumi  Handmade Blog: http://yumifumihandmadecrafts.blogspot.com/


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week!

Teacher Appreciation Week 
It was a wonderful week to appreciate the teachers at 
Everyday was something different 
I made something for fill your teachers bucket day! 
My husband said keep it simple
so here are the two projects I made

 Covered Post its 
Decorated legal pad 

If you are a teacher 
Thank you for educating our children!! 


Monday, April 8, 2013

Ummmmm Better late than Never???......

Alright Alright 
So I am really Really REALLY 
Late on my valentines post 
Here it is!!! 

If you seen my previous post it will make more sense on why 
it is a Kiss Kiss!!
Here is my framed little 
Soooo cute! 

I did enjoy making these cards now on to the next step is 
sending them out!! 
No, and yes,I am bad and that is why? 
I had made a new years resolution to make sure 
that I send cards out to family and friends!!
So now that a New Month has started can I start all over? 
From this month on I will be better 
I will start creating and sending!! 

Card Base - Birthday Bash 
Kisses - My Creative time 
Frame around my little loves - My Creative Time 


Also better with the posting 

Monday, January 28, 2013


Last week I questioned.
Out of the X & O's Which one is the Kiss?
Well I got the answer that I did not want
The O is the Hug
Man that ruined my project...
You see I knew that I was getting one of my crafting purchases 
 in the mail and it had a KISS die 
I wanted to do a Hug and "KISS" 
Not a X and a Kiss 
(is this making any sense?)
Well I did it anyway
I did make a bunch of cards but I wanted to also enter 
the My Creative Time Challenge 
One Bow 
Two pattern papers 
and Three Buttons 
 as you see here if the kisses were the O's it would be perfect
Hug and kiss!! 

I filled the Mason Jar with 
Hugs and Kisses :) 
 I personally think it came out great.....

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hello Kitty Christmas Cards

Im not going to write a whole bunch 
because there is a lot to look at 
My Hello Kitty Christmas Cards!! 
The Finished product!


Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Billion Pieces!!

Wow Oh Wow 
I am working on a project called 
"I am starting to hate Hello Kitty!!!"
No I don't hate Hello Kitty and Never will 
but Oh my gosh
Never Never Never Mass Produce Hello Kitty smaller than 5 Inches
I only have to make 10 but let me tell you, making 10 Hello Kitty's 
feels like 100!! 
She has so many pieces!! 
I cut the base out at 4 1/4 in. 
the black is the base and everything 
is glued on to it to make the image
Here is one of her tiny dots to her wonderful little bow! 
Her clothes and yes the tiny little buttons!! 
Wooo hooo 
Im going paper piecing crazy! 
I am so glad that the machine does the cutting for me
because I do not do fussy cutting!! 
Then I tried different layouts
and for me it I think the frustration of the tiny tiny pieces 
was making me have a yuck for everything 
Nope, did not like!!
Nope again!!
Then I said this has got to be it!! 
Yes I am settling for this one!! 
After three days of brain farts and losing itty bitty noses and buttons 
Here is the card that I am going to 
make 10 times!! 

I must say that I am pretty lucky that I have the 
Hello Kitty Cricut Cartridge 
 It is retired and now it cost an arm and and leg to 
purchase it!! 
(the most expensive I saw it selling for is $230,
also watched a bid on ebay and someone purchased it for $177.00)
I got mine for $24.00

So I guess putting her together is really not all that bad!! 
Okay it is not bad at all for I am doing what I love to do!! 


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We all have Scraps!!

 Yes my title is WE ALL HAVE SCRAPS!
Well We Paper crafters have a whole bunch of Scraps.
Some we can keep and use for future projects and some...
we don't bother to keep
Here I have some scraps that are left over from doing 
cuts from the Cricut and Cameo
Do I throw it away?
This time I say NO!! 
A couple of months ago I did a trade I did the work and she purchased 
a product that I wanted for my crafting supplies 
I chose 
And let me tell you I love it!! 
It is so perfect to use up all the weird shaped scraps!! 
I searched thru my big mess and found this.... 
A mistake from a sizing problem I was having 
Something that I was going to throw away  
 I tore off that ends that I defiantly could not use 
set it in the cuttle bug and 
 Got 9 Tags out of it!! 
Then I had all these diamond shapes from doing 
big bubble gum treat boxes 
 and got two each from each diamond
So I say Teeny Tiny Tags is a great addition to your 
crafting supplies, If you don't have it already... 
Here I got to finish my halloween treat tops
without cutting into a fresh sheet of paper
( I think that is the best of all)

Oh sorry I forgot to add, 
I does come with a set of stamps that fit perfectly on the tag 
for most occasions 
but here I did not have her new halloween set so I had to use 
what I had!! :) 
**another note to use the teeny tiny tag dies you need the C plate 
for your cuttlebug**
Check out here website she does great videos!! 

I will post my finished project after I get the cups all filled up!!